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Mothers day Tribute to my Beautiful Mama

Happy mothers day to this wild, free spirited, powerhouse goddess, amazon warrior Queen woman... my mother miss Lori-Ann Speed! I want to celebrate the utter adventure, magic, glory, and beauty of growing up with her with this tribute.

We've been an inseparable unit since the day I was born. A true team, two peas in a pod, a brilliantly crafted duo, whatever the world threw at us…

As an artist, bohemian, mystic, musician and competitive athlete who has single-parented me since the age of three, I grew up surrounded by her incredible and eccentric friends… a revolving door of actors, musicians, healers, athletes, serious adventurers, visionaries, activists, seekers and vitally alive, dynamic, powerhouse women. It was a wildly colourful childhood and her music formed the soundtrack, a key ingredient to forming me and the background melody to a childhood rich in imagination, creativity and exploration.

I was a barefoot, scrawny wild child following her from one adventure to another as we set off in our beater car which would breakdown frequently on long road trips. I can remember quite a few road trips waiting on side of the highway somewhere out in the boonies for her to figure out how to get the car working again or for a tow truck to pick us up. I didn't mind, it always felt like an adventure.

I can also remember sleeping under the stars, in teepees, trailers, the back of her car… growing up around campfires listening to music, or sitting in the audience watching one of her shows. At times it made fitting in difficult, we didn’t have a TV, and I grew up being only vaguely aware of pop culture. I didn’t know who Britney Spears was, while Beethoven, Bach And Mozart were household names.

My mom surrounded me with beauty, magic and a sense of the sacred. Music, art, poetry, stories, cultural and spiritual experiences surrounded me. I feel as though she diligently placed jewel upon jewel into my soul, filling me with a rich storehouse of internal treasures.

The two of us made the Gilmour Girls look tame as I reached adolescence and we both navigated dating and boyfriends…. At times it was pure comedy as we would meet late into the night to discuss our dating adventures and offer each other advice. My mother may have refused to get married, but there has never ever been a shortage of men pursuing her… there still isn’t! Yet, still no one has been able to tame her.

My mom can make me laugh so hard until I have to fight to breath. In high school, somehow missing the parental rebellion memo, my mom and I would go to bed laughing so hard we would frequently open the door of our rooms, which were directly across from each other, to laugh some more before calming down enough to officially go to bed. There is no subject I couldn’t talk about with her. As a result I was guided through a lot of the challenges which confronted my peers. Sex, drugs, alcohol, pressure I felt from boys, or my friends, or just coming from culture in general were all open topics for discussion. Having her perspective helped me navigate some of those really formative experiences and come out relatively unscathed.

The path has not always been easy, but I have watched her transform every single adversity she has faced into a grace and a blessing. When I was eight she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. It was not easy battling for her life, single parenting me and being an artist for living. We struggled a lot without money or adequate support.

Her cancer journey, which occurred again when I was 14, dramatically altered our path as I followed her deep into the realms of personal growth and development as she single-mindedly fought to stay in this world with me. She succeeded.

She emerged out of her cancer journey a transformed woman. A true healer who had healed herself and was now equipped with deep wisdom, maturity and strength to help others. As a result ,she has helped hundreds if not thousands of others on their own journeys of healing, transformation and development.

My mother is a true badass who to this day run circles around me. She wakes up at 6:00 AM May through to September to waterski like a champion, then gets on her road bike to bike 25 to 50 K. Then returns home to madly practice her music and prepare for her next concert. She'll then spin about chaotically, in a way that drives me insane, before bumping into her next creative project, which at this moment is a book she is writing about Mary Magdalene. A miracle happens the moment a client calls and the healer function in her is required. A magical calm will descend and she’ll help them from a place of absolute stillness, clarity and wisdom, before cranking up the intensity and charging towards her next creative vision. It's hilarious, impressive, at times awe-inspiring, and could drive you crazy, if she didn't do it looking like such a badass Amazon warrior Queen; commanding and evoking respect as well as exasperation.

Mom, you are truly my best friend, sister, teacher, mentor and guide. You have modelled for me an open heart in the face of the many heartbreaks you have weathered, a profound and courageous spirit in the face of adversity, a refined sensitivity and love of beauty and a heart that overflows with gratitude and joy for the simple goodness of life. You exude happiness and well-being, hard-earned happiness and well-being. I watch you work at happiness every day, as a choice you make. You’ve suffered a lot, but as a true alchemist you’ve turned your struggles into gold and another way to bless and serve the world. I can’t tell you how much I admire you, what a bright radiant light you are. Mama you are so beautiful, radiant and overflowing with goodness and kindness and love. If I’m half as awesome as you when I’m your age, I will be content. I’m so grateful for your constant teaching, mentoring, guiding and training.... I love you so so so so much. Today I am celebrating you! Happy mothers day mama!

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