• Tatiana

Oh Women, We are Giants

I reach out to the world from the shoulders of mighty women; Giants of love, wisdom and strength.

Once they towered over me and I grew strong in their shade; sheltered from the wind, nourished by the deep earth. Now they lift me up and upon their shoulders I reach past the earth to the sun and moon, my mortal eyes dazzled by the light.

I face the the tribulations of this life willingly with their example before me.

These Women - forged in the fires of adversity, stalwart Athena’s rising from ash and soot with flaming sword and shield. These Women - triumphant Goddesses of love, with hearts flayed open by grief. I have bathed in their rivers of tears and been cleansed. These Women - with feet calloused and leathered from the dusty road and long journey carrying the weight of love! What flesh and bone was crafted with such strength? And yet they shine! These women - alchemists of darkness, transforming each hardship and heartbreak into a spectrum of light by which to bless the world.

What could I ever fear with such examples before me? What could defeat such women when their hearts can hold it all!? These women, these Giants.

I reach out to the world from their shoulders. And I say truly, I did not make myself. Their patient hands have woven the vast tapestry of my being. They have sewn each multicolored thread of essence, cut and shaped each cascading layer of fabric, molding my character by their hidden designs until I behold myself adorned by their love, strength and wisdom - awed by the beauty!

When I forget courage, or my strength deserts me I walk through their stories, viewing the gallery of their lives, as a connoisseur of great art stands in silent devotion before the masterpiece.

Wrinkles of experience etch beloved faces, that have laughed and wept. Ripened flesh, made holy but the courageous act of living, reflect a beauty no mortal hand could sculpt.

If I know which way to walk, it is because their feet have laid the trail.

I stand humbled by their shadow, While they have reach down and lift me to the light.

And when I have grown strong enough to stand on my own two feet, when like a Giant I rise, my feet heavy on the earth and my face in the sun, I will hold out my arms to the women after and reach down to lift her up. On my shoulders she will soar, amazed at the endless horizons and the beauty and strength of her soul.

Oh women, we are Giants.

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