• Tatiana

Saints and Tigers

It is courage I am crafting. The courage to follow the inward call To heed the highest principle To awake the inner music The harmony resounds with increasing clarity as I listen Music of the soul, once feint and dim, now swells with power.

I do not balk before the tempest, I face it proud in the wind, the heart knows the way even if the faculties of mind rebel. Is this the path of saints and tigers? Is this the path where freedom fighters proclaim “Victory over fear!”? I travel to the frontlines of soul, My walk soft but steady - I do not gallop into battle, I ride no white steed, I carry no flaming torch: I merely steadily again and again choose the highest truth I know And draw near my soul reverently kneeling in submission.

At the crossroads I met the decision I saw clearly the choice; To be true or bend To be true or conform To be true or resign. “Let it be Truth” I stated into the silence; “Now and forever”. Never following that which seeks to conform, to avoid conflict, to remain invisible, to find sanctuary in belonging - No. It is courage I am crafting, The courage to choose verticality and upright loyalty to the purest rising impulse Spoken from the heart I have trained my soul to hear.

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