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Writing music to heal and uplift the world


Tatiana speed is a Canadian singer/songwriter, poet and storyteller who uses music as a way to inspire social change and transformation, and as a conduit for meditation, healing and inner reflection.


She has performed her music live in a diverse number of contexts from international summits and peace conferences to yoga studios, therapeutic settings and sacred spaces.  


Her live performances are interactive experiences that carry audiences from joyful and cathartic group singing to facilitated meditative journeys into stillness and the poignancy of the human heart.  


Her music has been featured in film and documentaries and she has appeared on radio and television shows such as the CBC, the Awakening World and Unity Earth. 


Her next work the Dark Night Album will come out in December 2023.  The album was born out of Tatiana's seven year healing journey and dark night of the soul.  This deeply personal offering will explore the themes of death, rebirth, healing and transformation. 

Tatiana is also a feminine embodiment guide and somatic facilitator. If you are interested in her other work visit

New video I AM SPACE out now!

The Dark Night Album 
Coming this December 

The Dark Night Album will be released this December. This album explores themes around the dark night of the soul and the journey from death to rebirth.  

The album will be accompanied by The Dark Night Manual, a companion to anyone else who finds themselves on this soul path. 


"The dark night is the journey from one world to another.  The journey from one way of being to another. The dismantling of who we have been so the new can be born. The deconstruction of ones self and identity out of which new perspectives and new life emerges. For a long long time it just feels like dying...." 

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Oh Women, We are Giants -  poem by Tatiana Speed & music by Lori-Ann Speed

Oh Women, We are Giants - poem by Tatiana Speed & music by Lori-Ann Speed

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Ignite Official Music Video - Tatiana Speed

Ignite Official Music Video - Tatiana Speed

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